One year ago yesterday, William Jacobson published the very first post at College Insurrection.

Since then we’ve covered hundreds of stories in higher education and we’re all looking forward to another exciting year. In celebration of the Freshman year we just completed, William has asked my co-blogger Leslie Eastman and I to highlight some of our favorite posts from the last 12 months.

Ladies first. Take it away, Leslie…

One of the pernicious aspects of progressive feminism on campus is that it doesn’t give young women the information necessary to make a fully informed decision on an array of subjects. I was thrilled to be able to offer a detailed explanation of why “hooking-up” is a full of fail choice for most women, from a biochemist’s perspective.

University of Colorado – Denver student Susannah Williams shared her thoughts about the psychic degradation that occurred in her sociology class. Her plea that the “…rightful charge of an academic institution is to watch over young students, not sanction their degradation,” was the impetus for my piece, The Pornification of Campuses.

I am an avid Men’s Right’s Warrior. I loathe the blatant gender bias that is harming the futures of our young men on campuses across the country. This review of the chapter of Dr. Helen Smith’s new book, Men on Strike, summarizes why it is a topic I continue following intently for College Insurrection.

This post is among my Freshman favorites for two reasons:

1) The American Press has completely failed in its constitutional duties of being a watchdog for our politicians and the elite journalism departments are major contributors to this failure.

2) The piece underscores how correct conservative pundit Aaron Clarey was in his book, Worthless: The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major. Clarey’s book was published just before the Higher Education Bubble began popping, and his assertions are proved out in numerous College Insurrection posts.

What happens when a radical feminist sees the light, and tries to share new insights with progressively trained students. A perfect blend of “Men’s Rights” perspectives with a side of why STEM degrees may be more worthy choices for students of both sexes.

All excellent choices, Leslie. Alright, now it’s my turn…

I think the Anne Coulter vs. Fordham University post has to be on my list. The double standard on free speech was so stunning. Also, this was the first time I remember feeling that College Insurrection could have an impact on higher ed related news.

Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m a libertarian at heart so I’ve always enjoyed writing stories about the College Libertarians. This one ranks among my favorites.

Sometime last spring I asked William how he felt about me writing an occasional listicle for College Insurrection. He liked the idea and that’s how we ended up with these two posts:

When you blog about higher education, you’re always on the lookout for college related news so when I was watching Sarah Palin’s speech at CPAC earlier this year, the thing that stood out immediately was her shout-out to the College Republicans.

And of course, we have a sense of humor here at College Insurrection which is why we sometimes end up with headlines like this one.

It certainly has been a fun year.

Thank you, College Insurrection readers!

We hope you’ll stay with us as we roll into our second year.