It’s college graduation season and you’ll be shocked to learn that few colleges have invited conservatives to be commencement speakers.

In light of this predictable news, College Insurrection has decided to compile a dream list of conservative college commencement speakers. Not everyone on the list is still with us but hey, it’s a dream list.

They all have one thing in common, their mere presence on campus would drive your liberal professors insane.

So here they are, presented in no particular order…

15. Sarah Palin
As we all know, Sarah Palin delivers a great speech.

14. Charles Krauthammer
A brilliant news analyst and a psychiatrist too. Who better to diagnose your professor’s Bush Derangement Syndrome?

13. Rush Limbaugh
Limbaugh’s 2009 speech at CPAC was brilliant and mostly improvised.

12. William F. Buckley, Jr.
The founder of National Review and icon of conservatism was well known for being an excellent speaker.

11. Ronald Reagan
A man who needs no introduction.

10. Mark Levin
In addition to being a top radio talker and best selling author, Levin served in the Reagan administration.

9. Allen West
A national hero, West gave a great speech at CPAC 2013.

8. Ann Coulter
Just to see the look on your literature professor’s face.

7. Greg Gutfeld
In addition to being hilarious, Gutfeld would leave many students questioning their preconceived notions about conservatives.

6. Thomas Sowell
Sowell is a brilliant academic in his own right, so it’s surprising that we don’t see him speaking at college graduations every year.

5. Ayn Rand
It would be worth it just to hear what Ayn Rand thought of what’s happening in America today.

4. Dick Cheney
Just to see the look on your political science professor’s face.

3. Milton Friedman
Possibly the most brilliant economist of the 20th century.

2. Dana Perino
The soft spoken but always professional spokeswoman for George W. Bush. Perhaps she and Greg Gutfeld could make a speech together.

1. Andrew Breitbart
No explanation needed. We all miss you, Andrew.

So here’s a challenge for the comments section.

Who spoke at your college graduation and who did we leave off this list?