Welcome to College Insurrection, kid sibling of Legal Insurrection.

When I announced in mid-June that College Insurrection would be opening, I described the purpose as follows:

Because most campuses are dominated by liberal adminstrators, faculty, and student activists, conservative/libertarian students often feel isolated and alone, and up against seemingly insurmountable forces which wield power over their lives.

For many students, the risk/reward ratio says to shut up and just go along so as not to be singled out and targeted.

In reality, they are not alone.  They are the silenced majority.  They are a youthful Army of Davids.  They just don’t know it yet….

College Insurrection will be the place where conservative/libertarian students can find out what is going on with like-minded students on other campuses, and understand that they are the many, not the few, no matter what they are told.

One of our goals is to give conservative and libertarian student writers a larger platform and audience.

To that end, we will link regularly to college conservative and libertarian publications, listed in the Student Blogroll in the sidebar.  If we have missed a publication, send me an email and we will add it.

Additionally, we welcome guest posts from students and faculty at the college and graduate school level, particularly at schools which do not have a separate conservative or libertarian publication.  We have implemented a portal in which guest posts can be submitted in the form of a WordPress post.  The link is in the sidebar just below my image.

Some thanks are in order.

Ed Burns of Trionic Labs has developed some unique behind the scenes tools to make our job of collating and publishing content easier.

Aleister G. of American Glob has provided valuable assistance in testing our publishing system and gathering content so that the shelves were not bare, and will continue to do so as we move forward.  Tea Party activist extraordinaire Leslie Eastman of Temple of Mut will be joining shortly to help with content and editing, and I’m hopeful that in the very near future I will be able to announce that a couple of distinguished writers who focus on higher education issues will be contributing.

Blake Seitz, a Junior at the University of Georgia, will help with student outreach.

And so here we are.  The lights are on, the door is open, we built it and hopefully people will come.  Help spread the word by using the Twitter and Facebook share buttons.