College Insurrection turns 1 year old today.

The first post was August 22, 2012, and shockingly,  was titled Welcome to College Insurrection:

When I announced in mid-June that College Insurrection would be opening, I described the purpose as follows:

Because most campuses are dominated by liberal adminstrators, faculty, and student activists, conservative/libertarian students often feel isolated and alone, and up against seemingly insurmountable forces which wield power over their lives.

For many students, the risk/reward ratio says to shut up and just go along so as not to be singled out and targeted.

In reality, they are not alone. They are the silenced majority. They are a youthful Army of Davids. They just don’t know it yet….

College Insurrection will be the place where conservative/libertarian students can find out what is going on with like-minded students on other campuses, and understand that they are the many, not the few, no matter what they are told.

One of our goals is to give conservative and libertarian student writers a larger platform and audience.

To that end, we will link regularly to college conservative and libertarian publications …

Additionally, we welcome guest posts from students and faculty at the college and graduate school level, particularly at schools which do not have a separate conservative or libertarian publication.

Now some numbers as of this writing:

  • 2,431 posts published
  • 891,406 page views
  • 712,412 unique visits

Much, if not most, of the credit goes to Aleister and Leslie, who feed the beast 8  times a day.  They have posted Our 10 Favorite “Freshman Year” Posts at College Insurrection.

In year 2 we hope to extend our reach even further, interacting with student groups and hopefully obtaining more student guest posts.  Fuzzy Slippers (not her real name, hah!) will be helping with this student outreach.

On a personal note, I’m happy with the way College Insurrection has developed.  I repeatedly hear from readers how much they like keeping up with the insanity taking place on campus.  If you like us, help spread the word.

Now on to sophomore year.