Here we go again. Is there any other political figure who inspires so much hatred from academia?

David Hookstead reported at the College Fix.

Professor pens massive tirade against Scott Walker, tells governor: ‘F– you’

Vassar scholar figuratively froths with anger and vitriol over Republican politician

A professor at Vassar College has penned a lengthy screed against Republican Gov. Scott Walker, an angry rant that leaves no hyperbolic accusation unstated as he tells the presidential candidate: “F– you.”

The tirade, posted earlier this week on Huffington Post, was written by Tim Koechlin, a senior lecturer and director of international studies at the private liberal arts college in New York.

The piece centers around Koechlin’s angst for receiving campaign e-mails from Walker seeking contributions. Koechlin’s emailed reply begins: “F– you.”

Koechlin went on to describe his online engagement with Walker’s campaign and his overall disgust for the man, lambasting the candidate for “tax cuts for the 1 percent, deregulation and relentless attacks on working people and the unions that advocate for them.”

He charged Walker with “pandering to the worst impulses of right wing voters” and pledged to do “whatever I can to make sure you will not become president.”

Koechlin also accused the governor of racism and actively working to hurt the poor and people of color, noting “Walker has shamelessly adopted the right-wing’s racist play book, at every opportunity, blaming the low pay, insecurity and anxiety of white working class people on ‘undeserving’ people of color – ‘welfare’ recipients,** ‘illegal’ immigrants, Muslims and, of course, President Obama.”

“Apparently, from Scott Walker’s point of view, the problem with the U.S. is that corporations and the super-rich are getting too little, while people of color, workers, teachers, students, the elderly, and the poor are getting too much!”

Leaving no stone unturned, he also stated Walker has “attacked” education and “gutted” the University of Wisconsin system, bemoaned the politician’s criticisms of Obamacare, accused the presidential candidate of being a puppet of the Koch brothers, griped about the politician’s fight against the EPA, and suggested he holds disdain for “most Americans.”

And that’s just the highlight reel.