Rhetoric like this is only going to get worse in the coming months, especially if Walker does well.

David Hookstead reported at the College Fix.

Univ. of Wisconsin professor says Hitler, Scott Walker share ‘terrifying’ similarities

University of Wisconsin sociology Professor Sara Goldrick-Rab claims there are “terrifying” psychological similarities between Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Nazi leader and mass murderer Adolf Hitler.

In a July 1 tweet, Goldrick-Rab said: “My grandfather, a psychologist, just walked me through similarities between Walker and Hitler. There are so many-it’s terrifying.”

The extreme comparisons didn’t stop there.

A day later, Professor Goldrick-Rap tweeted: “No doubt about it-Walker and many Wisconsin Legislators are fascists. Period. They proved it today. #SHAME.”

Walker, a Republican, announced on Monday that he is running for president.

The College Fix reached out to Professor Goldrick-Rab on Monday to seek clarification about her strongly worded tweets. Goldrick-Rab released the following statement to The College Fix:

Thank you for your question. Please note that I have taken time out of my unpaid vacation to respond, as a courtesy to the timeliness of your request.

If you reread the tweet, you will see that I stated that an expert in the field – a psychoanalyst with decades of experience – compared the ‘psychological characteristics’ of the two individuals, and that I was struck by his analysis. There do appear to be commonalities.

I’m confident you are capable of seeing the difference between such an assessment and equating the whole of two different people.

I’m also confident you will note that the tweet was not a “reaction” to any particular event, and thus it may not fit with your narrative.

Recently Goldrick-Rab also targeted the Wisconsin budget as an attack on education and tenure, tweeting she “spent more than 20 years working for & honoring the tenure I earned. Walker just robbed me of it. He robbed Wisconsin. It’s unforgivable.”