This is an update to a story we ran earlier this week.

Abby Phillip of the Washington Post reports.

Kennesaw State adviser placed on leave after confrontation with student

A Kennesaw State University has placed an academic adviser on administrative leave while the school investigates a student’s viral 30-second video of his interaction with her.

In the video, Abby Dawson, the school’s director of advising and internships in the Department of Exercise Science and Sport Management, accused the student of “harassment” for apparently sitting in the room and waiting to speak with his academic adviser.

Kevin Bruce, a rising senior at the Georgia school, uploaded the video of the interaction on Wednesday night.

The video begins with the adviser — initially identified by Bruce and other students as Dawson — walking into the room and telling Bruce that he was harassing another adviser, Margaret Tilley.

“I’m not harassing no one,” Bruce said.

“You are,” Dawson replied.

“I’m not,” Bruce continued.

Dawson threatened to call security and told Bruce that he could fill out a form “just like everyone else does.”

Bruce responded that he was just waiting to talk to someone.

“Sitting here until someone is available is harassing them,” Dawson said.

In his tweet, Bruce called the adviser “rude.”

In a statement, the University said that Dawson was placed on administrative leave pending “comprehensive” investigation into the matter, which could take two weeks.