This is just bizarre. I can’t figure out what the problem is here.

From the Huffington Post.

Kennesaw State Student Told That Waiting For An Advisor Is ‘Harassing’

Kennesaw State University is looking into a video circulating online of a staff member threatening to call security on a student who said he was waiting to speak with an advisor.

Kevin Bruce, a student at Kennesaw State in Georgia, posted video Wednesday night of his interaction with Abby Dawson, Director of Advising and Internships in the Exercise Science and Sport Management department of the public university. Bruce tweeted at several local TV stations trying to bring attention to his video; his tweet had received more than 5,000 retweets by Thursday afternoon.

“I’m not harassing no one,” Bruce is heard saying in the video. “You are,” Dawson responds.

Watch the video.