Here’s an update to our previous report.

Another university has caved in to a whining student body. Remember, faculty and staff: the student is always right!

Derek Draplin at The College Fix has the story:

Accused of Racism, Colgate University Mandates Campuswide Diversity Training

A group of students who accused their private New York university of systemic racism, saying their campus is filled with people who act bigoted and ignorant toward their peers, won on Friday their five-day battle to strong-arm the university into creating a widescale new set of diversity requirements.

Although, from the response the university gave, it appears Colgate University’s leaders were only too happy to agree to the demands without question or much equivocation.

The 100 or so student protesters at the small, liberal arts college – which enrolls roughly 2,900 students and charges nearly $50,000 annually in tuition and fees – ended their sit-in Friday following university administrators’ decision to cave to the group’s 21-point demand list.

Campus officials essentially agreed to nearly everything on the list, including to mandate diversity training for its admission staff, ambassadors, tour guides, financial aid administrators and student leaders on campus, according to a website called “Colgate For All,” which details campus leaders’ response to the protest.

Although campus leaders stopped short of requiring all faculty to take diversity training, they agreed to expand faculty training sessions to include subjects such as “unconscious bias.” With regard to hiring, while they sidestepped the students’ demand to hire more minorities outright, they promised to “expand our faculty from multicultural domestic and international backgrounds” and to employ new professors who show they can promote “a diverse and inclusive educational environment.”

They also promised to fund five new classes on “Intergroup Relations,” which should be on the 2015-16 course catalog. And they pledged to install diversity benchmarks into staff and administrators’ job evaluations. “Colgate is revamping every non-faculty job description on campus,” officials stated in their point-by-point response.

“Inclusion and diversity will be a required competency for every employee,” campus officials added. “As a result, every performance evaluation done on an annual basis will include how employees work towards attending to diversity in their job.”