Maybe I’m a cynic but I just don’t believe there’s a big racism problem at Colgate University.

NBC News in Utica reported.

Colgate University students stage protest to bring attention to racism on campus

Hundreds of students at Colgate University say racism and inequality is a big issue on campus.

Big enough that about 400 of them are protesting by taking part in a sit-in in the school’s administration building. Students have been making signs using the hashtag #canyouhearusnow and many have been sleeping there since Monday.

Some professors have even moved their classes to the protest to accommodate and support the students’ message.

“Students of color, LGBT, different socio-economic statuses — we just want to be part of a community,” said student Adrielle Jefferson.

Students have submitted an action plan to the university’s administration, including requests such as faculty receiving diversity training and a free transportation system to Syracuse so students with a lower socio-economic status don’t feel isolated. The university’s president says he hears them.

“Racism is an issue everywhere,” said Jeffrey Herbst, president of Colgate University. “The U.S. has gone through a long journey. Progress has been made, but more progress must be made, and it’s the same on the Colgate campus.”