As we reported yesterday, the leader of the College Democrats of America recently compared Israel to Nazi Germany.

He has since resigned.

Dave Huber of the College Fix reports.

UPDATE: College Democrats of America Bigwig Resigns

As reported yesterday, two College Democrats of America social media coordinators went after a pro-Israel member of the group on a Facebook thread.

Today, one of those two — Evan Goldstein — has resigned his position. Aaron Robinow has the CDA statement:

“Evan Goldstein has resigned from his position as a member of the CDA communications team. In a recent Facebook exchange between Evan and two other individuals (who have not held positions in CDA for some time) Evan made inflammatory comments regarding Israel and Palestine. His positions do not reflect the position of our organization. CDA does not take a position on this issue. We support open dialogue on all issues – free from incendiary and harsh language. We expect our communications team to exercise judgment in their social media posts. CDA is committed to making sure situations like this do not occur going forward.”

The other CDA social media guy is Chris Woodside (who, as noted in the CDA statement,  hasn’t had a position with the organization in a while). He compared Israel to Nazi Germany and said Israeli PM Netanyahu was “perpetuating genocide.”

Robinow notes in his article that “it was never [his] intention to cause the resignation of Goldstein.” His aim was to demonstrate “the far-left anti-Israel ideology that has permeated into the College Democrats of America.”