Since American media is completely fair, Democratic leaders in American politics will be forced to comment on this story on all the news shows.


Daniel Mael of Truth Revolt has the story.

College Democrats of America Student Leader Equates Israel With Nazi Germany

In a shocking exchange uncovered by citizen journalist Aaron Robinow, high ranking student officials in College Democrats of America equated Israel with Nazi Germany and told a pro-Israel member of the CDA to “go f**k himself.” Robinow highlighted the exchange on his website:

[S]enior officers from College Democrats of America took to Facebook to bully a colleague for supporting Israel’s right to defend itself. Giovanni Hashimoto, a member of CDA’s national communication team posted on Facebook to support Israel as a “peace loving.” Within minutes he was harassed, name called with classic leftists tactics–by his colleagues at CDA. Chris Woodside, a social media coordinator for the national organization, equated Israel with Nazi Germany, exclaimed Israeli PM Netanyahu is a war criminal and perpetuating genocide and declared being pro-Israel and a “good person” mutually exclusive. Evan Goldstein, also listed by College Democrats of America as a social media coordinator, told the pro-Israel student to “go (f**k) himself” and described him as a “douchebag” for supporting the Jewish state…

Robinow told TruthRevolt that he stumbled upon the exchange on Facebook and was “shocked.”

“For the leaders of College Democrats of America, not just to condemn Israel’s right to self defense but equate a targeted defensive military operation with genocide and accuse Netanyahu of upstaged Hitler is appalling,” explained the college senior. “The CDA officers showed a natural tendency to bully a colleague who dissents from their radical ideology. Its scary to see how the many refuse to characterize those who charter calls for the obliteration of Israel as terrorists and contend to restrict Israel from self defense in the name of human rights.”