As the Executive Producer of Canto Talk, one of’s most popular podcast shows, it was was wonderful chatting with my College Insurrection compatriot, Aleister of American Glob  (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW).

American Glob

I talked to Aleister about his history as a blogger, and the intriguing reasons for deriving his blogging handle from the name of British occultist Aleister Crowley. Aleister also discusses his involvement with Professor Jacobson’s newest venture: The Elizabeth Warren site.

Aleister and I both review how the corrupt press has actually failed to fulfill its First Amendment responsibilities, and its detrimental impact on the future of American college students. Also related to the First Amendment, Aleister noted that one of the primary themes he likes to convey on College Insurrection is the struggle for the free speech rights by conservative organizations, such as Fordham University’s administration forcing its College Republicans to cancel an Ann Coulter appearance and pro-life students in Oklahoma fighting for the right to distribute leaflets.

By the end of the program, it was obvious that there was so much more we could cover. Therefore, I am looking forward to joining Aleister for many more “College Insurrection Nights” on Canto Talk.