Does anyone besides me think that a pro-choice group would never ever have to sue a college for permission to distribute literature? This is not only a case of liberal bias on campus but also a violation of free speech based on politics.

The College Fix reports.

Pro-Life Student Group Sues Oklahoma State University

An anti-abortion group is suing Oklahoma State University for refusing to allow them to distribute leaflets on campus, The Oklahoman reports.

Cowboys for Life, an OSU student organization, claims university officials singled the group out because it opposes abortion rights. …

The group had sought to hand out leaflets and carry signs in October at three locations on campus. The lawsuit alleges Kent Sampson, OSU’s director of campus life, refused to allow the group to display graphic images in heavily trafficked areas of campus.

… Brently Olsson, the group’s attorney, said the signs and leaflets featured pictures of an aborted fetus. The group uses the graphic imagery to show the result of abortion, Olsson said.

Olsson compared the group’s use of graphic images of abortion to similar practices employed by William Wilberforce, an 18th-century British abolitionist crusader who showed the public the ghastly conditions endured by slaves aboard slave ships.

The images used in Cowboys for Life’s leaflets and signs may be disturbing, Olsson said, but they make the group’s point effectively.