Recently, we have covered university diversity activism, campus sex toy programs, and tolerance-crushing inclusion policies.

The College Fix presents a weekly roundup of the stories featuring inanity and crassness on American college campuses. The famously progressive and elitist UC Berkeley, which takes activism and tastelessness to whole new levels, merits special honors from the online publication, as it manages to complete a perfect trifecta of outlandishness.


Wearing face masks and flying banners calling for “diversity,” five students chained themselves to the school’s Eshleman Hall on Nov. 27 while more than 100 students stood in solidarity outside, The Daily Californian reported.

Their cause? Ready for this? They were upset administrators wanted to consolidate some Multicultural Student Development offices, according to The Daily Cal.

Oh, for the days when there was an actual good reason to chain oneself to a school building.


Over the last week or so, Berkeley has made national news (internationally, really, if you count the headline in the UK’s Daily Mail), not for any esteemed academic accomplishments or similar benchmarks. No, the story coming out of its venerable halls is how easy it is to have sex on campus.

Enter UC Berkeley’s most recent “Sex on Tuesday” column in The Daily Californian.

“Yes — having sex on campus is actually very doable, and it’s lots of fun. It’s also surprisingly easy,” the UC Berkeley columnist writes. The down side? “Concerns about not getting to ‘finish’ when doing it in a public place.”


John Powell, executive director of the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley, is the lead author on the 2,000-plus word piece, which states in part:

“The right wing can talk about Obama as a food stamp president or how he may not really be American. We knew such attacks on the president and the black community often had serious racial overtones. Yet, if this observation was made, not only would they deny these accusations, they would cry foul: that critics were playing ‘the race card.’”

Once again, here comes the claim that conservatives and Republicans who voice concerns over the growing welfare state are just a bunch of ignorant racists. Instead of addressing the merits of the argument against government dependency, leftists continue to rely on insulting ad hominem attacks.

The only thing UC Berkeley is lacking is its own Marijuana Research Institute….though it can boast of a dispensary expert.