Universities are coming up with truly innovative courses to appeal to their young scholars.

We have covered one that offered a class on the fantasy novel, “50 Shades of Grey“.

Another is opening up a Marijuana Research Institute. Now, a California university hosts a special event to show its scholars how to properly use pleasure devises.

A public university recently hosted an event aimed at teaching students how to properly use sex toys.

The University of California – Merced (UCM) sponsored the event, entitled “Is There a Buzz in Your Bed,” which had the stated goal of teaching students about “various sex toys” and different ways “to play as a couple or alone.”

Health promotion coordinator Kristin Hlubik told Campus Reform in a statement on Wednesday that the event was “discussion based” and guided by questions from the roughly thirty attendees.

She also said the event employed technology which enabled students to text in questions throughout the event.

UCM’s Health Education Representatives for Opportunities to Empower Students (HEROES) was responsible for hosting the event. The group has an annual budget of $66,000, which is derived from mandatory student fees.

According to Hlubik, the presenters were students who attended a half-day training in San Francisco from an unidentified individual who holds a Ph.D. in human sexuality.

Maurice Lewis, a libertarian activist at UC Merced, told Campus Reform that he is outraged over the program and believes it “was a waste of student fees.”

Lewis added, “It’s embarrassing UC Merced would spend our money in such a wasteful way.”

HEROES is also sponsoring an ongoing “condom design contest” with the winning graphics to be used on condoms “distributed to students” after the winner is selected on December 7th.

Perhaps that enterprising Jersey College student can include a selection of gadgets as part of his condom delivery service.