College Insurrection went live on August 22 with the post Welcome to College Insurrection.

Since then we have published 171 posts, had just over 65,000 unique visits, and almost 85,000 page views.

Thanks to the numerous bloggers who have helped with links, including but not limited to Professors Reynolds and Althouse, and NRO’s Phi Beta Cons blog.

Thanks to the team who have made it possible.  Aleister from American Glob and Leslie Eastman from Temple of Mut have helped behind the scenes gathering content and converting the content into blog posts.  Design work by Ed Burns of Trionic Labs has helped tremendously.

We also recently welcomed as contributors Hans Bader from the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s blog and John Rosenberg from Discriminations blog.  Guest posts by Robert Shibley of Thef FIRE have received a great response.

Guest posts — particularly from students — are welcome.  Use the link in the sidebar just below my image.

I do think we need to do a better job networking with student groups.  Hopefully readers can help us out in that regard.

So far, so good.  Forward.