During this general election cycle, and the intense focus of Team Obama in getting the youth vote in swing states, results of a new survey may come as a complete surprise.

Contrary to popular mythology, college students do not self identify as significantly more liberal than conservative.  That is one of the reasons we started College Insurrection, for the silenced conservatives and libertarians on campus whose voices are drowned out by liberal big mouths in the student body, faculty and administration.

A report from The Chronicle of Higher Education shows the student body actually shifting rightward on various issues, as reported in Accuracy in Academia (emphasis added).

  • The proportion of students self-identifying as liberals is about the same as the group calling itself conservative (in the 25 percent range, plus or minus.);
  • The “percentage of students who said there was a ‘very good chance’ that they would participate in student protests or demonstrations” was 6 percent in 2011, the year of the Occupiers (Occupying—Wall Street, Washington, their parents’ basement…);
  • The percentage who felt that “a national health-care plan is needed to cover everybody’s medical” runs at 60.5 percent, down from a 30-year high of 77.6 percent in 1992;
  • The percentage of students surveyed who believe that “abortion should be legal” stands, as of 2011, at 60.7 percent, down from a pre-Roe v. Wade high of 85.7 percent in 1970 and a post-Roe high of 67.2 percent in 1992;

Here is the chart from the Chronicle:

It seems that the Democrats may have their work cut out for them if Romney/Ryan can win over the plurality center.