The student senate at the University of Illinois has made it clear that they won’t tolerate intolerance.

Campus Reform reports.

U of I Senate wants ‘substantial consequences’ for ‘intolerance’

The University of Illinois Student Senate is seeking to impose “substantial consequences” on students and organizations that engage in insensitive behavior.

“Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan 13,” as the bill is known, would encourage the administration to “create more substantial consequences for communities, such as registered student organizations, registered organizations, related organizations, and Greek organizations, [that are] involved in behavior that is not culturally inclusive, engaged in acts of intolerance, or engaged in acts that violate community standards,” reports The Daily Illini.

The bill is reportedly a response to a Spring Break-themed party last semester that student activist groups deemed culturally insensitive because some attendees wore Arab keffiyehs and Mexican sombreros.

Students were also upset over pro-Trump chalk drawings during the spring semester that said “Build the wall,” and “They have to go back,” and suggested that such chalkings make people feel unsafe on campus.

Vice President External Alex Villanueva, who manages external relations for the body, referenced the controversial parties during a Wednesday debate over the bill, but contended that students, whether individually or in groups, should have the right to be offensive.

“If you want to dress up in something offensive; if you want to wear a mustache and sombrero like I’ve seen many times in Red Lion, that’s your right to do so,” Villanueva said. “At the end of the day, you’re embarrassing yourself. People are judging you, people are looking at you. I don’t think the University should have any business punishing you with workshops, etc., etc., for exercising your right to be an idiot.”