What a classy way for a professor to express himself.

The Extract reports.

College professor compares Republicans to ‘thugs’ in vicious letter to local GOP organizer

When a local GOP leader attempted to reach out to Pennsylvania’s Moravian College in hopes of recruiting some political science students, he received a bitter — and some might argue racist — response from one professor.

Lehigh County Republican Party representative Matthew Cicchillo sent a cordial letter to six members of the college’s poli-sci department, describing his proposal as “a great opportunity for students to get involved in political campaigns at the grassroots level” while working with the Republican Leadership Initiative.

At least one professor, however, found the idea wholly unappealing.

Jean-Pierre Lalande replied with an ad hominem rant against Republicans, telling Cicchillo that encouraging students to consider voting Republican would be “like encouraging them to be thugs!”

When Republicans themselves use the word “thug,” it is consistently identified as a code word thinly veiling the user’s deep-seated racism. When the same word is used in reference to Republicans, it apparently has the opposite effect.

Lalande went on to confirm he will start openly encouraging his students to “vote for the Democratic Party” in response to the GOP proposal.

He defended his decision by suggesting if young adults support Democrats “they won’t be ruining and insulting the country.”