Mizzou is still paying the price for the campus protests last fall.

CBS St. Louis reports.

Enrollment Up at Other Missouri Universities as Mizzou Drops

While the University of Missouri is dealing with a sharp drop in enrollment this fall, many other four-year universities in the state reported an increase in the number of students as classes resumed.

After protests disrupted the University of Missouri’s Columbia campus last fall, the incoming freshman class for this academic year shrank by almost one-quarter and first-day student numbers were down more than 6 percent.

Missouri State University, Missouri-Kansas City, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Southeast Missouri in Rolla, Harris-Stowe State University and Missouri Southern State University all reported this week that they expected an increase in enrollment this year, The Columbia Daily Tribune reports.

Missouri State University in Springfield, for example, said this week the number of transferring students increased by 108 and first-day enrollment was up almost 4 percent to more than 21,000. The number of incoming freshmen declined slightly, but retention rates have climbed, President Clif Smart said in a news release.

“As those students return to campus, it has bolstered our total enrollment,” he said. “We’re excited that first time college student enrollment is mostly steady and we are continuing to increase the number of transfer students.”