Democrats don’t care about this issue because it’s mostly conservative voices which are being silenced.

Campus Reform reports.

Congressional Dems dismiss concerns about censorship on campus

At a congressional hearing last week, Rep. Peter Roskam condemned the “out of control” politically correct culture used to justify censorship at tax-exempt colleges and universities.

“Every single year, American taxpayers give colleges and universities billions of dollars’ worth of tax breaks,” Roskam observed in his opening remarks Wednesday at the House Way & Means Subcommittee on Oversight hearing on Protecting the Free Exchange of Ideas on College Campuses. “But is this bargain truly benefiting the American taxpayers—or the students—when colleges suppress speech on campus?”

Pointing out that most public colleges and universities enjoy tax-exempt status in recognition of “the educational value that they offer society,” Roskam questioned whether that reasoning truly applies to schools that restrict student speech to “free speech zones,” require the reporting of “micro-aggressions,” or allow speakers to be silenced when students protest their ideas.

One such example occurred at Georgetown Law, where administrators refused to allow a student to hand out political campaign flyers on campus, citing concerns that it could affect the school’s tax-exempt status. When the student protested, administrators backed down, informing Roskam in a letter that they would be revising their speech policies to ensure that students “can discuss issues important to them, debate views they disagree with, and fully participate in the learning process we expect at our colleges and universities.”

Yet Roskam also noted that “many other schools continue to wrongly invoke their 501(c)(3) status to stifle political speech on campus, especially during election years,” and declared, “let’s get something straight: Section 501(c)(3) does not require schools to prohibit student political activity on campus.”