Opponents aren’t giving up this issue without a fight.

KTRH News reports.

Fight Continues Over Campus Carry

Texas’ new campus carry law doesn’t take effect until August 1, but state universities are facing pressure from all sides about how to implement the law. The measure, passed by last year’s Legislature, allows those with concealed carry permits to carry firearms on public college campuses. Private universities can opt out of the law, and many already have. But public universities can only establish certain “gun-free zones” on campus without making it impossible to “practically carry a gun at all.” That’s led to controversy over allowing guns in classrooms.

Last week, a group of professors marched in Austin calling for schools to maintain a ban on firearms in the classroom. But a UT task force studying how to implement the law concluded that banning guns in classrooms would likely violate the law. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton agreed with that assessment in a non-binding legal opinion issued late last year.

The campus carry law has been a major issue for faculty at many of the state’s universities, who argue it threatens their safety. One UT professor has already resigned over the law. But proponents of the law say it will make campuses and classrooms safer. “Going out really anywhere in society, especially living in Texas, the chance is that you are around someone who has a concealed carry permit and has a firearm on them,” says Kyle Coplen from Armed Citizen Project. “These are people who have undergone both background checks and passed legal training, and in the rest of society are functioning adults and responsible gun owners.”

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