Credit where credit is due.

From Forbes:

Trigger Warning: Obama Criticizes The Language Police On College Campuses

With the 2016 presidential election underway, it is becoming increasingly clear that the nation is in for another divisive election season. The American public remains divided about significant issues—from matters of culture to the future course of American policy, at home and abroad.

It is important to consider how each of us—and the key institutions of our society—feed the atmosphere of division.

One institution that bears much responsibility for our divisive culture is higher education.

With the yearly cost of a private university now exceeding $42,000, many students—and often their families—mortgage their futures to pay for the opportunity to go to college. Earning a college degree was once a ticket to the upper-middle class life and assurance that a young adult had the basic knowledge and skills to succeed in life. Today, many students leave college without gaining much knowledge and struggle to find jobs to get on the ladder of upward mobility.