Technology done right.

ABC News reports:

Friends Use iPhone App to Find Missing College Student

A college student who went missing after a sorority semi-formal was found by his friends two days later, lying face down in a ditch next to train tracks.

Jimmy Hubert, an engineering student at Georgia Tech, was last seen Friday evening. His friends worked through the weekend to piece together Hubert’s steps by using the tracking device on his date’s iPhone.

“It all relates back to the fact that Jimmy had his date’s phone in his pocket at the event,” Hubert’s friend Christian Battaglia told ABC News.

Because Hubert unintentionally left the party with his date’s phone, his friends were able to track the phone’s movements using the Find My iPhone app that Hubert’s date had installed on her device. A screen grab of the phone’s last known ping, or location, was taken before the phone ran out of battery or was turned off, Battaglia said.