Evil capitalists: 1, Liberal College Students and Faculty: 0

All over campus, students, faculty, and administration are celebrating “Cornell Engaged,” the project David Einhorn donated $50 million to help fund. Just yesterday I thought I heard them all cursing the capitalists pigs of Wall Street who simply push money back and forth and contribute nothing to society. Funny how it works.

Michael McDonald writes for Bloomberg:

Einhorn Gift of $50 Million to Fund Cornell Program

Cornell University has unveiled a $150 million community engagement initiative that will be funded in part by a $50 million gift from a trust established by hedge fund manager David Einhorn.

The initiative is aimed at getting Cornell students to “become active citizens and to tackle critical challenges by participating in hands-on, practical learning experiences in communities at home and around the world,” the university said today in a statement.

“The goal here is not just to cater to the students where this is sort of their natural interest or proclivity,” Einhorn said in a phone interview. “Our goal is 100 percent participation.”

Cornell, an Ivy League school based in Ithaca, New York, seeks to reach that participation target by 2025, according to the statement. The program, called ‘Engaged Cornell,’ will be headed by Judith Appleton, vice provost for land-grant affairs.