I wonder how all the Harvard MBA grads feel about this. They’re probably not too happy their alma mater is diluting its prestige with joke classes like this while the rest of the world becomes increasingly business competitive.

BostInno reported.

Harvard Business School Students are Going To Be Studying Beyoncé

A new Harvard Business School study scheduled to be released next week will highlight how Beyoncé has come to “Run the World.”

Beyoncé surprised fans in December by secretly dropping her fifth studio album exclusively on iTunes, complete with 14 songs, 17 videos and no advance publicity. The superstar songstress sold more than 600,000 units in the U.S. in the first three days of launch, and somehow managed to partner with Facebook and Instagram without word surfacing early.

Wrote Rolling Stone’s Rob Sheffield at the time:

Beyoncé has delivered countless surprises in her 15 years on top of the music world, but she’s never dropped a bombshell like this. The whole project is a celebration of the Beyoncé Philosophy, which basically boils down to the fact that Beyoncé can do anything the hell she wants to.

And Harvard Business School Professor Anita Elberse will be forcing students to think about whether or not that’s true.