The Vaportini is a device that allows users to inhale alcohol directly into the bloodstream. It has yet to gain high-level exposure to the college binge drinking scene, but already frat bros are saying it “completely changes the game.”

Jennifer Retter of USA Today reported:

Vaportini craze: Will it hit the college scene?

The Vaportini, a new device that allows users to inhale alcohol directly into the bloodstream, has health officials concerned that — as it moves from exclusively online sales to the average alcohol consumer’s local liquor store — the device will be improperly used for binge drinking by college students.

So, what is the Vaportini?

First released online to the public in January 2013, the Vaportini quickly gained recognition among those looking for a new, faster, purer way to enjoy spirits. Chicago-based inventor and CEO Julie Palmer says the Vaportini is projected to hit liquor stores within the next year.

The process is simple: pour the recommended one ounce of your liquor of choice — the company suggests vodka, bourbons and dark rums up to 100 proof — into the glass “Vaportini globe,” light a tea candle inside of a pint glass, place the globe on top of the glass to be heated, let the alcohol sit for five to seven minutes and then inhale the product with the provided straw.

The vapor enters the bloodstream directly, which causes effects to be felt almost immediately, according to the Vaportini website.

After the Vaportini earned a bit of publicity during its first week on the market, Palmer says that consumers placed $100,000 in orders when the company only had $3,000 in inventory.

Palmer created the Vaportini after returning home from a trip to Helsinki, during which she inhaled vodka that was heated over coals in an outdoor sauna. Looking to recreate that experience for friends and future customers, Palmer designed a product that delivers fast-acting, almost calorie-free alcoholic vapor.

Unsurprisingly, college students’ interests have peaked. In an article published on the popular site Total Frat Move, TFM wrote that the revolutionary tool “completely changes the game” for collegiate alcohol consumers.