Kennedy School of Government professor Stephen Walt rails on about how the United States and the European Union (the EU has a foriegn policy?) should have done more to keep the Ukraine as a “neutral buffer state” and integrate it into the EU.

Read the original story at the Daily Caller for the original tweet and hilarious reactions:

Harvard Professor Blames US FOREIGN POLICY For Downing Of Malaysia Airlines Plane

Harvard University professor Stephen Walt managed to find a way blame the United States just hours after someone — it’s not yet clear who — shot down a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 carrying 295 people over a war-torn region of Ukraine near the Russian border.

Walt, a legendary blame-America-firster on the faculty of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, bizarrely tweeted his belief that American policy caused the catastrophe. (He also blamed the foreign policy of the European Union — to the extent it has a foreign policy — for good measure.)

After Walt’s tweet entered the world early on Thursday afternoon, pushback from other Twitter users was fast and furious.