One of New York City’s most elite institutions, Horace Mann School, is now plagued with another sex-filled scandal.

The Daily Caller Education Editor Eric Owens has these details:

This one is a revenge porn scenario allegedly involving Canh Oxelson, the director of the exclusive school’s college counseling unit. Police arrested Oxelson, 42, this week and charged him with threatening to send nude photographs of his 28-year-old ex-girlfriend to her employer, reports the New York Post.

Oh by the way, Oxelson is a professional Tiger Woods impersonator who has spent the last decade or so performing as a facsimile of the legendary, floozy-loving golfer.

Oxelson’s ex-girlfriend, Minochy Delanois, is a nurse at New York University’s Langone Medical Center.

Delanois had been dating Oxelson for six months when, she claims, he went berserk. On Feb. 3, he allegedly texted menacing messages to Delanois with nude images of herself attached.

“Good luck loser,” read one of the texts, according to the criminal complaint lodged against Oxelson.

“Can’t wait for folks to see this one,” said another text.

Oxelson, a graduate of Harvard University, was an NCAA swimming champion in his younger days. Before that, in 1975, he was among 57 orphans airlifted out of Saigon just as South Vietnam fell to the communists.
Oxelson’s career as a Tiger Woods impersonator was going swell until about 2011 when Woods’s personal life and his public image cratered over charges of breathtaking marital infidelity. Turns out, the market for America’s best Tiger Woods knockoff also cratered precipitously. Consequently, Oxelson took a job as a college counselor at hoighty-toighty Horace Mann.

After getting arrested at his apartment on the Upper West Side and spending a night in jail earlier this week, Oxelson is once again working (with pay) but from home, according to a spokesman from Horace Mann. He won’t be allowed on the school’s Bronx campus until further notice.

Meanwhile, Oxelson’s attorney, Andrea Weiss, has declared that her client is innocent.

“Mr. Oxelson denies all of the charges in the complaint,” Weiss told the Post. “The evidence at trial will show that the allegations are not true.”