The United States and China have just teamed up with the goal of ridding North Korea of its nuclear weapons.

And while most Americans would think that removing such technology from the grasp of a crazed dictator is a good idea, some college students in New York City stand in support of the rogue nation. Scott Greer of Campus Reform has the details:

A group of “Communist/Leninist” students hosted two rallies on New York City’s Union Square late last month and last week to support the North Korean regime and denounce U.S. “intimidation” of the communist dictatorial government.

“The Korean people are friends to all progressive minded people in the world,” shouted Caleb Maupin, the leader or Red Youth, the self-described “Marxist-Leninist” student organization which organized the protest.

“They want peace with the United States,” he continued in the March 23, event. “They want equality, democracy, all the things we are fighting for in this country. The North Koreans are our friends they are trying to unite their country. South Korea is occupied by U.S. troops.”

In another rally on Saturday, Maupin and other participants carried North Korean flags and signs that read “Long Live Kim Il-Sung.” Kim Il-Sung was the founder of North Korea and is the grandfather of the current ruler, Kim Jong Un. It has been estimated that over 3.5 million people died as a result of Sung’s regime. The students also carried the Soviet Union hammer and sickle flag along with their North Korean regalia.

Other speakers included a representative from the Students for a  Democratic Society and a leader of the Congress for Korean Reunification.

In a short speech in the rally last month Maupin also said that the famine in the 1990s, which experts believe killed up to 2.4 million North Koreans, was one example of good governance on the peninsula.

“During the food crisis of the early 90s every other government on earth would have collapsed during that food crisis but because they have so well trained the people in Marxism and Leninism… the people there love their government,” Maupin shouted.

“They love socialism,” he added.

After the rally, the group marched into a local theater with North Korean flags and a bullhorn to berate customers for seeing the film Olympus Has Fallen which depicts North Korean terrorists attempting to take over the White House and launching attacks on Washington DC.

The communist youth group had previously protested the remake of Red Dawn last year alleging it is war propaganda.