With tuition rising, more and more students and parents are asking if a traditional college education and specific degree programs are actually worth the investment.

However, given recent stories about Harvard’s Incest-Fest, and Yale’s poster collection filled with sexual innuendos, looking at the extra-curricular activities merit a review, too.   Wesleyan University in Connecticut offers a new entrant in the competition for “Most Tasteless Campus Antics”: Naked Parties.

The WestCo dormitories are infamous for their naked parties. Many students enthusiastically confirmed this myth and expanded it to include far more host locations than just WestCo.

“My birthday party freshman year was a lingerie party in WestCo, but I’ve also been to naked parties in a few program houses and Hewitt,” said an anonymous student in the class of 2014.

Another anonymous junior nonchalantly commented on the regularity of such parties at Wesleyan.

“I’ve been to two naked parties, two lingeRaves, and I’ve streaked after both naked parties,” she said. “One of them was broken up by PSafe, and we all just stood there naked with PSafe.”

Another student waxed philosophical on the merits of nude events.

“Naked parties are revealing,” said a member of the class of 2013. “You learn new things about your friends and neighbors, like concealed nipple rings. Naked parties undress the complicated web we weave here at Wesleyan.”

Molly Zuckerman ’16 said that she has not attended a naked party at Wesleyan thus far and is skeptical that attending one would be a pleasant experience.

“Instead of going to the naked parties at WestCo, my friends and I sit around and talk about all the different incredibly awkward situations one could get into at a naked party,” she said.

Regardless of whether you intend to partake in such events, the fact is that naked parties do indeed take place at Wesleyan. (Parents, aren’t you glad your kids chose Wes?)

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