Ever since the University of Chicago denounced safe spaces, other schools have doubled down on them.

The Daily Caller reports.

Duke Jumps On The PC Bandwagon, Announces Student Safe Space

Duke University students will soon be able to take refuge from the harsh reality of the world in the new “Sanford Safe Space.”

A former faculty office in the Sanford School of Public Policy has been converted to accommodate the space safe. According to the Duke Chronicle, the room will open its doors to the student body this year.

The Sanford School implemented a safe space on its own campus in hopes to “destigmatize the ‘safe space’- promoting it as a complement, not impediment, to effective debate,” reports the Chronicle.

“The room will be an experiment in helping people heal, and that a social worker will also be present. The door will be open to all groups,” co-chair of the Sanford Committee on Diversity Kathryn Whetten tells the Chronicle.

“We want to have a place for people who feel marginalized and face constant attention for characteristics that are immutable—like their skin color or their religion, their immigration status or whether they’re from another country—to be able to heal,” says Whetten.