Melissa Click hasn’t worked at Mizzou for quite a while now. What’s the deal?

The Daily Caller reports.

Mizzou Still Displays Melissa Click’s Résumé SIX MONTHS After She Was Fired For Mob Violence Threat

Nearly six months after the board of curators at the University of Missouri fired mass communication professor Melissa Click for threatening a student cameraman with mob violence, the disgraced professor’s curriculum vitae — academia’s glorified, lengthy version of a résumé — remains emblazoned on the taxpayer-funded school’s website.

Mizzou’s board of curators voted 4-2 to dismiss Click on Feb. 24, which was three months after she grabbed national headlines in November for threatening the cameraman because he was attempting to cover on-campus protests.

A YouTube video of the November incident which led to Click’s firing shows the professor calling for “muscle” from an angry mob to help remove the student journalist, Mark Schierbecker.

Schierbecker asked Click if he could interview her on a public campus quad. “No, you need to get out,” the $50,000-a-year, taxpayer-funded professor responded

When Schierbecker declined to leave, Click grabbed his camera and shook it. “Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here?” Click shouted to the crowd. “I need some muscle over here.”