People who survive shooting incidents often become gun rights supporters.

The College Fix reports.

Virginia Tech student who lived through massacre defends campus carry at UT-Austin debate

Texas state capitol is full of guns – and heated debate

Following Wednesday’s unprecedented protest involving the mass display of recreational sex toys, opponents of concealed carry at the University of Texas-Austin put down their dildos and used their words to argue against the state’s new campus-carry law.

Although protesters and even UT faculty have claimed that campus carry would effectively chill discourse on sensitive or divisive issues, the panel discussion at the “town hall” event hosted by CBS Austin suggested that lively discourse can still exist with guns on campus.

Asked by the moderator if students would feel uncomfortable with SB 11 being enforced on campus, Central Texas Gun Works owner Michael Cargill said that most Texans feel comfortable going into movie theatres and grocery stores, where concealed carry is prevalent.

There’s a fundamental difference between those places and a college campus, an audience member told Cargill: “College campuses require free speech and open discourse.”

Cargill replied that some of the “most heated debates take place at the Texas State Capitol. Concealed carry and even open carry is allowed there.”