This is just the latest example of higher education treating students like children.

USA Today reports.

Stanford gets slammed for banning hard alcohol at on-campus parties

Stanford students aren’t allowed to consume hard alcohol at on-campus parties anymore.

That’s because of a new university policy announced Monday.

The decision to adjust the drinking policy was announced by Stanford president John L. Hennessy and provost John Etchemendy and was sent by email to all undergraduate students by vice provost for student affairs Greg Boardman, according to the Stanford Daily.

Hennessy and Etchemendy said the reason for the policy change was to “build a heathier campus culture around alcohol,” the Associated Press reports.

The decision also comes in the wake of a high-profile rape case in which former Stanford student Brock Turner was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.

Hard alcohol, as defined in the Stanford University student alcohol policy, is more than 20% alcohol by volume or more than 40 proof.

All on-campus undergraduate student parties must be registered with the university — and even then, beer and wine are the only alcoholic beverages that can be consumed.

The exception: Hard alcohol can be used on campus is if the party is hosted by graduate students and if the liquor is served in the form of mixed drinks.

Many people are criticizing the new policy on social media. Some say it reinforces the idea that alcohol is to blame for sexual assault.