This makes perfect sense since social justice warriors invented safe spaces.

Heat Street reports.

Social Justice Warriors Freak Out Over UChicago Dean’s ‘No Safe Spaces’ Stance

Social justice warriors at the University of Chicago and across the Internet are awash in despair after the school’s dean declared in a letter to incoming freshmen that the college would not support “safe spaces” or “trigger warnings” to protect delicate feelings.

The letter detailed the administration’s stance on academic and intellectual freedom, noting that a university is a place of discovery, not retreat. But that hasn’t stopped supporters of safe spaces from asking for a safe space from the letter itself!

The missive was, of course, hurtful to those students’ fragile sensibilities, and they immediately wailed to any friendly audience that would have them that the dean was exposing them not just to new ideas, but (clearly) to rampant sexual assault, racism and systematic oppression. The need their safe spaces! How else will their feeble constitutions survive?

One student told DNA Info that the administration was asking students to “check their compassion and their experiences at the door.” Another, the head of the campus sexual assault survivors network, said that this was simply the latest failure by the college to cater to interest groups.

“The administration has a huge problem with transparency, and they have been slow to address issues related to sexual violence, disability injustice, police discrimination and many more,” she said.

Vox posted an op-ed accusing the college of “exercising power” over its students, calling trigger warnings “pedagogical imperatives.” The piece also defended students who shouted down or ousted controversial speakers from other campuses, saying that they “challenge” academic professors and “hold us accountable” for their institutional biases.