Remember when higher education was focused on learning, not progressive policy?

The College Fix reports.

Accused of being Eurocentric, Roger Williams U. hires social justice expert to help lead campus

Roger Williams University, a private liberal arts college in Rhode Island, has hired a “social justice” expert to help lead the school, adding to the campus an administrator with experience teaching about white privilege and how to be a “social justice ally.”

What’s more, the university plans this fall to launch a search for a chief diversity officer to add to its personnel roster. Underscoring that, the university will pay out $20,000 in grants to fund projects that “promote institutional change on diversity matters” this school year.

The efforts come as the university has been accused by a handful of students and professors of being too Eurocentric, lacking both a black studies department and a dean dedicated to diversifying the campus, the Brown Daily Herald reported.

As the university hires more employees, it has also hiked costs. There was a $536 fee hike added recently, as well as a new $250 technology fee added this past semester, even as campus officials touted “tuition freezes.”

As for the new “social justice” expert, Dr. Lisa Landreman, author of “Toward Social Justice: A Case Study of Multicultural Practice in Higher Education,” has been hired as the assistant vice president to Roger Williams University, which enrolls roughly 5,000 students and costs $32,000 annually in fees and tuition.

A campus spokesman declined to state her salary to The College Fix.