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California University of Pa. faculty put on notice about potential layoffs

Faculty at California University of Pennsylvania have received notice that layoffs may be coming after the end of the upcoming academic year.

University officials cite enrollment challenges and programmatic changes as the reasons layoffs are being considered.

“California University of Pennsylvania continues to invest in academic programs. Along with efforts to increase enrollment and retain students, Cal U continually reviews its curriculum in light of both student and workforce needs. This ongoing process necessarily includes taking a hard look at programs where very few students are enrolled,” said university spokeswoman Christine Kindl in a prepared statement.

Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties President Ken Mash said the union has not been told how many faculty positions are at risk but said a preliminary list of academic programs being considered to be placed in moratorium has been shared with campus faculty.

“Nobody can deny that Cal U has suffered enrollment declines and fiscal problems over the last few years. Nevertheless, the leadership at Cal U ought to be focused on uniting the campus community to focus on increasing enrollment, improving retention, and otherwise devising a plan to attract students. The administration’s inclination to lay off faculty will not help at all; it will only demoralize the campus, drive away students, and harm the university for years to come,” Mash said in a statement.