One has to wonder if the families of victims agree with this notion.

The Daily Caller reports.

Harvard Professor: Don’t You Worry, Radical Muslim Terror Threats Are Totally ‘Exaggerated’

Harvard psychology professor — and celebrated pop shrink — Steven Pinker has advised the Western world not to worry about the ever-increasing number of deadly acts of terrorism committed by radical Muslims.

Terror threats are “exaggerated,” Pinker said. “Due to the publicity that terrorist attacks generate, it seems like a completely rational fear to be afraid of a terrorist attack when, in reality, it should not be. It is a mistake to allow terrorism to dominate foreign policy on a global agenda.”

Pinker originally made his comments in June in an interview with The European — which bills itself as “the debate magazine.”

The Huffington Post chose to reprint the interview this week — which is weird because, in the period since Pinker promised that terror fears are overblown, Muslim terrorists have slaughtered some 160 people in the United States and Western Europe.