First, DePaul banned Milo Yiannopoulos, now they’ve banned Shapiro.

Red Alert Politics reports.

Another conservative speaker gets banned from DePaul University

DePaul University recently banned Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking on campus and has now done the same with Ben Shapiro. John Minster, vice-chairman of the university’s YAF chapter, denounced the decision as another example of when “the value most important to ensure a strong, diverse education, freedom of speech, is under attack.”

The university cited “experiences and security concerns” that some other schools have had with Shapiro as the reason why they cannot allow him to speak on campus.

Minster calls the decision “an embarrassment.”

DePaul has had its own security concerns with speakers, as it was unable to prevent Black Lives Matter protesters from storming the stage and threatening to assault Yiannopoulos when he spoke in the spring.

After banning Yiannopoulos, Vice President of Student Affairs Gene Zdziarski said that “DePaul will continue to work with student organizations to sponsor events and speakers representing a broad range of opinions on the issues of the day,” which Minster argues he had no intention of doing.

In a statement, YAF pointed to the “vicious and threatening behavior of tyrannical leftists” who have threatened Shapiro, emphasizing that “any security concerns we face on campuses are 100 percent incited by the censorious, intolerant left.”

YAF also called out the university.

“If DePaul cannot trust its delicate liberal snowflake students and administrators to allow Ben to speak his mind safely and freely, it has utterly failed in its mission to [foster] a community that welcomes open discourse,” the statement said.

The statement had a warning.

“If DePaul does not reverse its decision to ban Ben, it must immediately remove any claim to support free speech and expression from its website and marketing materials or become a fraudulent laughingstock.”

Shapiro also spoke out against leftist students regarding the ban.

“It’s both pathetic and predictable that the university is happy to grant a veto on speakers to snowflake leftists so long as the leftists threaten violence,” he said. “This is how free speech dies: when people in power cave to the bullies rather than standing up for basic rights.”