It’s a real challenge for conservative college students because they’re often such a small minority.

The Daily Caller reports.

Conservative College Students Lay Out Why They Resisted Liberal Indoctrination

It takes a lot of courage does to be a conservative on most college campuses today. Two gutsy Turning Point USA activists remind us what they have endured and why they stand strong in this inspirational video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation.

While campus liberals clamor for “safe spaces” because they’re required to read white authors like William Shakespeare in Yale’s English classes, these liberal activists also taunt, jeer and threaten conservative opponents and fellow students. We have yet to hear conservatives ask for “safe spaces” or claim they are being “bullied” by the left, although the intensity seems to escalate against campus conservatives.

Two campus conservatives, who happen to be minorities, were in Washington, D.C., recently for a Turning Point USA conference for high school leaders.

Dominique Blair, a beautiful, strong, young woman who has been called “a race traitor” for being conservative and black, admits in this video interview that “sometimes I feel alone.” She, however, has friends who give her room to choose her own sets of beliefs without pressure. Blair, from a family of Democrats near Los Angeles, says she became a conservative or Republican during a Junior Statesman of America event.