At Bentley, every classroom takes the name of a college.

The Salem News reports.

Charter school puts college spin on elementary lessons

SALEM — Most Salem children won’t return to school for two more weeks. But for one group of elementary school students, class is already in session in places like Salem State University, Emerson College and Vanderbilt.

“Give me a U,” Bentley Academy first-grade teacher Nicole Gibbs calls out to her pupils. They form the letter U with their arms and call back, “You got a U, you got a U.”

“Gimme a C!” “You got a C, you got a C.”

After spelling out UCSD, the students end with a chant: “I’m a Triton proud and strong. I learn my hardest all day long. I read with grit and do math with zest. Being a Triton is the best.”