Deray McKesson has really managed to cash in on his activism.

The College Fix reports.

Black Lives Matter’s Deray Mckesson now a U. Chicago Institute of Politics Fellow

Man (wait — am I allowed to say that?), Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson sure has it good. Not only did he score a $165,000 gig at Baltimore Public Schools and a great place to stay courtesy of wealthy George Soros-connected donors, he’s now a Fellow at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics.

The perpetual blue vest-wearing activist will “lead a seminar series focused on social justice, social media, and organizing [which] are part of a larger discussion at the Institute of Politics this year examining a range of strategies aimed at affecting social change.”

Mckesson previously served as a Mellon Undergraduate Fellow (part of the Committee on Social Thought), and had a guest lecture gig at Yale.

The addition of Mckesson pleased “several students” who were miffed at the “perceived lack of [racial] inclusivity” at the Institute.

“I think [Mckesson’s] presence reflects that the IOP has heard student concerns about a lack of diversity in the programming, and is making steps to remedy this disconnect,” said the Organization of Black Students’ Chase Woods.

The Chicago Maroon reports:

“Institutions of higher learning are different faces of thought. They’re not better, not worse, they’re different,” Mckesson said. “As someone who has been an organizer for a long time…it’s important that we think critically in as many places as we can be and be exposed to the world.”

IOP Executive Director Steve Edwards told The Maroon that the IOP felt that Mckesson’s presence on campus would be timely amid heightened attention on policing.