The Orwellian climate on campuses has reached a tipping point.

The College Fix reports.

Bias Response Teams illustrate just how far gone universities really are

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Bias Response Teams at universities nationwide are like a canary in a coalmine, and that canary is lying on the floor taking very shallow breaths.

Consider what we have learned about Bias Response Teams in recent months.

The University of Northern Colorado’s Bias Response Team investigated a professor for playing “devil’s advocate” in class, and a bias team member met with the professor and “advised him not to revisit transgender issues in his classroom.”

Gettysburg College rushed out the bias response team following pro-life posters on campus using “Black Lives Matter,” and the offending students were told by administrators to “adjust their communication.”

“Make America Great Again” whiteboard messages were deemed a “racial attack” by the campus bias response team at Skidmore College.

At Colby College, the bias response team was alerted to offenses such as “a basketball game attendee mocked the WNBA” and “students wore hula skirts and coconut bikinis at a fake luau.”

At the University of Oregon, its Bias Response Team investigated the campus newspaper for giving “less coverage” to transgender people, and a bias response team case manager had an “educational conversation” with editors.

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Bias Response Team reported three co-eds who wore Three Blind Mice costumes at Halloween to the Residential Life division because the costumes made “fun of a disability.”

Framingham State University canceled a Cinco de Mayo celebration dinner after one complaint that it was offensive to Latinos.

An employee at the Catholic Loyola Marymount University was investigated by its Bias Incident Response Team for “denying transgenderism.” She was then suspended for the “hate crime” of believing in two genders.