Is it racist to say Green Lives Matter? It’s got to be a microaggression, at least.

The College Fix reports.

University to offer ‘Green Lives Matter’ environmental justice class

A first-year seminar class on tap this fall at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay promises to merge civil rights with pollution.

The course, called “Green Lives Matter,” aims to teach students about the Environmental Justice Movement, its online description states.

The movement argues that the effects of capitalism force poor and minority communities to live in dangerous and unhealthy situations.

Students enrolled in the class will study the “Flint lead contamination, migrant farm worker pesticide exposure, Cancer Alley (Louisiana), mining on tribal lands, Hurricane Katrina, Alaskan natives, urban environmental harms, and others,” the course’s online description states.

The name of the course, a play on Black Lives Matter, seeks to teach freshmen how “the Environmental Justice Movement now marks a worldwide grassroots effort for social justice,” its description states. “This course represents an effort to learn about the Environmental Justice Movement by studying its history, causes, and the struggles of people shaping the movement.”

The movement is led “primarily by people of color, women, and blue collar sectors of society,” it adds.

The professor teaching the course, Dr. Elizabeth Wheat, as well as the campus spokesperson, did not respond to requests for more information on the class.

First-year seminars are often esoteric in nature, with small class sizes, and typically hone in on narrow and unique topics designed to introduce new students to college-level courses.