As you read this report from Campus Reform, note the specific use of language. Progressives in academia are creating their own language and if you don’t speak it, you will be left out.

UMass prof shoehorns social justice into every class

A professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst is promising to put diversity at the forefront of her courses and incorporate themes of social justice into all areas of the classroom.

In a “Diversity Statement” posted to her personal website, Professor Amanda Ruth Waugh Lagji writes that while her expertise is in “postcolonial literature,” she strives “to make diversity a perspective as well as a methodology in the classroom by considering the assumptions and values we (myself, and my students) bring into the classroom space,” adding that she tries “to make the classroom a safe space for these conversations.”

Lagji then cites a specific example of how she has incorporated her “Diversity Statement” into the classroom, noting times when she has asked students “to complicate the markers of diversity they might be familiar with—class, gender, sexual orientation for example—with alternative constructions and discourses of diversity.”

“My commitment to diversity is not limited to the subject or objects of study, but rather extend[s] to the very approaches we take to ‘diverse’ texts themselves,” she asserts. “In my classrooms at UMass, which have tended to be predominantly white, this has meant that when we trace the etymology of ‘race’ in my World Literature class, for example, we discuss how whiteness is constructed as a tacit reference point for difference in dominant discourses, as well as the way that race over time has been inflicted by religious and biological discourses.”