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Feds give UW over $700K to train faculty in ‘unconscious bias’

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has received more than $700,000 from the federal government to fund “unconscious bias” training for its professors.

The National Institutes of Health has awarded the public university two federal grants totaling $723,637 to fund a five-year study that seeks to promote opportunities for female and minority students by identifying implicit biases among their instructors. The first grant, awarded in June of 2015, amounted to $402,774, and in February the NIH kicked in a second grant worth $320,863.

The study, entitled “Breaking the Bias Cycle for Future Scientists: A Workshop to Learn, Experience, and Change,” was inspired by research demonstrating that “the mere existence of cultural stereotypes about racial and ethnic groups can invisibly and inadvertently impede opportunities for underrepresented minority students,” and seeks to identify and eliminate such unconscious thought patterns among faculty members.

“The education plan’s overarching objective is to train the mentors of students about the concepts of implicit or unconscious bias, the effects of these biases on underrepresented minority students in training, and the strategies to mitigate race-based bias within labs, departments, and institutions,” the grant description states.