The “bias response team” translates roughly to “thought police” and this professor secretly recorded a damning conversation.

You can hear the recording below:

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UNC prof shares tale of censorship by Bias Response Team

A former University of Northern Colorado professor is accusing the school’s administration of violating his academic freedom following the release of a private conversation he had with the Bias Response Team.

Heat Street first broke the news that an anonymous professor was summoned to meet with UNC’s ethics officer for Title IX, Marshall Parks, after the school’s Bias Response Team received a complaint from a student who alleged that his professor’s discussion of sensitive material had made him feel uncomfortable.

In a recording of the conversation, the unidentified professor was asked to cease discussing transgender issues in the classroom because one of his students who identifies as a transwoman “was very offended and hurt by this.”

Apparently, while discussing an article from The Atlantic called “The Coddling of the American Mind,” the professor made what he considered a clever argument against transgenderism simply to spur conversation.

One student, however, was deeply offended by the discussion and took his complaint to the Bias Response Team, which later threatened the professor with disciplinary sanctions if he were to continue discussing the issue.

“This would be hilariously ironic if it wasn’t kind of sad,” the professor can be heard saying in a recording of his conversation with the Bias Response Team. “The article says, what students do is they run right to people and complain, and so professors are afraid to talk about things for fear that they’re going to have this meeting here, and that’s exactly what this student did—did exactly what this article talks about.”