The left is incapable of hearing anything that clashes with their world view.

Red Alert Politics reports.

Students try to censor Pulitzer winner for “dangerous (a.k.a. conservative) rhetoric”

If students at Elon University got their way, syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker would join the list of disinvited speakers because she’s apparently not the right “mentor and role model for students.”

Senior Becca Nipper started a petition to prevent Parker from speaking and “from spreading her dangerous rhetoric,” Campus Reform reported.

Students included excerpts from her 2008 book, Save the Males: Why Men Matter, Why Women Should Care to justify silencing her. There were also articles by Parker presented not by their title, but from what students took from them. For instance, “Unanswered questions in Trayvon Martin case” is presented as “Racial profiling is common sense” and “Sex after drinking and the war on men” is presented as “Women are using alcohol as a way to blame men for sexual assault.”

The university announced in May that Parker would deliver their Baird Pulitzer Prize Lecture in October. Parker won the Pulitzer in 2010 and is the most widely syndicated columnist.

But the “slightly to the right of center” columnist is too dangerous for Nipper and about 300 signers. The petition denies that it is about viewpoint:

This is not about a difference of opinion. As a student body we recognize that not everyone at our school holds the same beliefs as we do, and neither will all visitors Elon brings in. However Parker’s journalism is more than just her opinion, it’s a consistent attack on all of the things Elon has been working towards – ending sexual assault, increasing diversity, and creating a safe and encouraging environment for all students regardless of gender, race, ethnic background or sexual orientation. Parker will be visiting the school as a mentor and role model for students and the very fact that she stands for this kind of prejudice and slander makes her unfit to serve as such.  It does not matter whether she intends to speak on any of the issues she writes so frequently about in her journalism, we as a university are praising Kathleen Parker for her opinions by bringing her to campus.